Gatewing is taking mapping to the next level with the new X100
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Gatewing is taking mapping to the next level with the new X100 revolutionary aerial mapping and surveying system…

Imagine being able to do achieve highly accurate mapping, whenever and wherever needed, even in less than favourable weather conditions (wind, light rain, cloud cover) where conventional photogrammetry simply won't suffice, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground. All this is now available at a reasonable price.

The X100 is the result of a thorough and multidisciplinary engineering process. It has been designed with two main goals in mind and with due consideration for the demanding field worker.

  • It carries a camera payload, flies in a straight and regular scan pattern and returns to the operator in a safe and shock-free manner. It completes the job under a wide range of weather and environmental conditions.
  • It allows for day-to-day handling and intensive use, just like any other surveying device. We conceived the X100 not merely as an unmanned aircraft, but as a comprehensive tool!

Through its optimized and unparalleled aerodynamic design, cleverly engineered body structure and carefully chosen materials, the X100 meets all the requirements perfectly.

The complete mapping solution includes:

  • Image Acquisition
  • Image processing
  • Image Analyses and Post-processing
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