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The Spectra Precision® 1.5PL Precision CrossLine Laser is an accurate, automatic self-leveling multi-purpose tool with 2 vertical planes, a horizontal plane and down plummet. For interior building and remodeling, the laser is used for horizontal and vertical alignment, wall layout, acoustical ceiling installation, point transfer up and down, wall and floor tiles, finish carpentry, and 90 degree squaring. For exterior work with the optional HR220, the laser is used for applications such as elevation transfers, footers, anchor bolts, decks, patios, swimming pools and septic system installation. The 1.5PL is a precise instrument that is ideal for institutional work, such as hospitals and schools, with high accuracy requirements.

The 1.5PL incorporates a rotating base with fine adjust knobs that make setup quick, easy and accurate. The integrated tripod legs position the 1.5PL above floor tracks and allow the down plummet beam to be easily spotted. A handle provides safe transport. The 1.5PL is supplied in a hard plastic case with protective foam cushioning. It is an easy-to-use instrument that provides one-person replacement of a level, square, plumb bob and tapes (to verify square). The 1.5PL can reduce layout time, reduce costly mistakes and improve work accuracy.

The 1.5PL-2 package includes the Spectra Precision HR220 laser line receiver to extend the working range of the laser and for outdoor work.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic self-leveling and plumb assures accuracy and fast setup
  • One person installation of walls, doors, ceiling track and other overhead fixtures without the need for a plumb-bob, squares or tapes
  • Fast, one person 90° layout of rooms, walls, tile, carpet squares and fixtures
  • Includes both cost-saving rechargeable battery pack and back-up alkaline battery pack
  • Rotational base with fine adjust knobs make position adjustment fast, easy and accurate
  • Built in collapsible tripod legs allow clearance of floor track and visible plummet beam
  • 1.5PL system includes a hard case with protective foam, 2 battery packs, charger, laser glasses and laser target; 1.5PL-2 includes HR220 and clamp


  • Interior plumb, level, layout and square applications
  • Drywall track and walls installation
  • Cabinet and trim installation, finish carpentry
  • Ceiling installation
  • Garage and interior door installation
  • Institution utility layout and installation
  • Exterior level, layout and square applications with the HR220 receiver
  • Decks, patios, septic system and swimming pool installation
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