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Summit Evolution from DAT/EM Systems International, is a user-friendly digital photogrammetric stereo workstation and allows a 3D feature collection directly into ArcGIS, AutoCAD or MicroStation. Summit Evolution is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system.

A wide range of efficient feature collection functions is offered via DAT/EM Capture and Stereo Capture for ArcGIS, which are integral parts of Summit Evolution.

Vector data collected by Summit Evolution, or imported from GIS or CAD systems, are superimposed directly onto the stereo models, making it an excellent solution for mapping, change detection and updating GIS data.

Automatic batch map-editing of collected data can be applied for best mapping performance. Routines for data generalization, checking and automatic line editing among various other functions are included.

Summit Evolution is not restricted to aerial imagery, but also offers feature collection from close-range, satellite, IFSAR and orthophoto imagery.

Summit Evolution works in a project-based environment, using triangulated photo blocks generated by MATCH-AT or other software packages. The user can roam seamlessly throughout an entire project of any size.

The product Summit Evolution & MATCH-T bundles the digital stereo plotter with MATCH-T, inpho's product for automatic DTM generation from aerial or satellite imagery, and with Capture Contour, an on-line contouring package based on inpho's SCOP technology. MATCH-T and Capture Contour are extending Summit Evolution to a powerful photogrammetric DTM station. Functionality of MATCH-T is described in the MATCH-T data sheet.
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