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The Trimble Aerial Camera provides high-performance, trouble-free operation, and advanced features in a compact package.

Purpose-built for aerial metric photogrammetry and easily integrated either standalone or as part of an aerial laser scanning system, this camera is ideal for project mapping, spot updates, and corridor mapping. Interchangeable lenses provide the flexibility to select the best flight altitude and field of view for each project.

Available in 22-, 39-, and 60-megapixel models with lenses from 35mm to 100mm.

Key Features:

  • Metric lens with internal iris shutter precisely maintains the correct focal length to the CCD sensor plane. Lens is easily unscrewed from the camera body to allow the user in the field to exchange for another focal length or replace a shutter with minimum downtime. Focal lengths from 35mm to 100mm. Fastest shutter speed: 1/1000th second. Optional: RGB and CIR (color-infrared) imagery with proper lens installed.
  • Camera body has no moving parts. To enable metric imagery, calibrated as a unit with the lens and digital camera back.
  • Digital camera back available in 22-, 39-, and 60-megapixel models.
  • Electronic controller connects Trimble Aerial Camera to aircraft power and computer controller. Touch less operation—all settings controllable from the computer. Front-side connections to light meter, lens and flash connector. Back-side connections to shutter release signal, system power, RS232C connection to computer controller, electronic sensor connection, and event (shutter release) pulse connection.
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