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Trimble MATCH-AT provides highly precise automatic digital aerial triangulation based on the advanced and unique image processing algorithms by inpho. MATCH-AT is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

All the processing steps of MATCH-AT are fully automated for achieving highest productivity. The workflow is logical and easy from the project setup, the precise multi-ray tie point matching and integrated bundle adjustment, up to the block analyzing with excellent graphical support.

The software is available in two different versions, MATCH-AT (for frame images) and MATCH-AT Pushbroom (for line sensors). The new pushbroom triangulation module directly references the raw data of the imaging sensor and navigation units.

There is a rigorous support for GPS and IMU data, including calibration of boresight misalignment, as well as shift and drift corrections.

An integrated multi-window stereo module is at hand for both, comfortable stereoscopic verification as well as measurement of control points and additional tie points.

With its advanced sub-block handling MATCH-AT is designed for processing the most demanding photogrammetric projects with block sizes of 20000 images and even more.

Due to its flexible data exchange capability MATCH-AT easily integrates into the workflow of any third-party photogrammetric system.


The components of inpho’s photogrammetric system are delivered with ApplicationsMaster, the new core of the system. It provides a comprehensive collection of basic tools for

  • project definition
  • import and export of project, image and DTM data
  • transformation into other geodetic datums and map projections
  • conversion of data and project files
  • support of numerous aerial and satellite image geometries
  • image preprocessing and orientation
  • DTM handling.
MATCH-AT provides unsurpassed profitability and quality in any aerial triangulation project.
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