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Trimble OrthoMaster is inpho's professional software for rigorous orthorectification of digital imagery. It offers high degree of processing automation and is optimized for high performance orthophoto production. OrthoMaster is part of inpho's digital photogrammetric system which comes now with its new core ApplicationsMaster.

OrthoMaster generates high quality orthophotos, i.e. digital images with constant scale, using digital aerial images, their exterior orientations and digital terrain models (DTMs) as the source data. OrthoMaster is versatile and handles both, single images and complete image blocks.

The rigorous differential rectification process is performed fully automatically. In case there is no DTM available, rectification onto a plane is possible, too. OrthoMaster comes with a built-in "gridding" module, for generating DTMs on-demand, from a set of arbitrarily distributed XYZ points and break lines.

OrthoMaster is designed for processing the most demanding photogrammetric projects with block sizes of 20000 images and even more.

In combination with OrthoVista, OrthoMaster is able to generate true orthophotos and true orthomosaics, in which all man-made 3D objects (e.g. buildings and bridges) are presented in their true locations, without disturbing relief displacements.

OrthoMaster effectively eliminates the relief displacements by intersecting the given 3D object data with the basic DTM, and utilizing advanced computation algorithms for generating true orthophotos.

The seamless, color-balanced true-ortho mosaics provide users with highest radiometric and geometric quality. True-orthos are perfect backdrop images in all GIS, CAD and mapping systems, and an excellent source of geocoded information in a wide variety of applications.

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