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Trimble Trident-3D Analyst software is used in the office to analyze and interpret georeferenced imagery and laser scanner data captured during field data capture operations. It includes a user interface with very robust object positioning, measurement, and data layer creation capabilities. Automation functions increase your productivity and reduce turnaround time.

The numerous features and capabilities include: positioning; measuring in 3D; zooming on, adding, editing or deleting visible features using any views from multiple image streams; linear referencing; offset measurement and chainage; data handling flexibility enabled through open data format architecture; ODBC connectivity; automatic data export to most GIS; import and/or customizable data layer representation; data model definition and definable data entry forms; multiple map projections; and pavement defect rating facilitated by perspective digital imaging capabilities, pavement image rectification and mosaicing.

Application specific toolkits can be added to provide additional functions for asset and pavement management, road design, maintenance, and rehabilitation as well as electric distribution asset maintenance.

With its industry-leading automation functions, Trimble Trident-3D Analyst accelerates your projects and empowers infrastructure managers to make informed decisions using a model of their infrastructure.

Image Toolkit: Provides batch AVI-to-JPG conversion, batch AVI segmentation, and JPG titling capabilities. It also includes Recompute XYZ to reposition mass amounts of points when new calibration data are introduced or GNSS data is post processed.

Laser Toolkit: Provides automated laser scanner calibration to accurately calibrate mounting angles and lever arms of the laser, and converts raw laser data into 3D points in ASCII, DBF or GIS formats.

Auto-GIS Toolkit: Commonly used in a GIS environment, this toolkit analyzes reflectivity measurements and/or relative densities of point clouds to automatically detect sign position and dimensions, pole location, and automatically create polylines of pavement markings.

Sign Toolkit: Automates sign identification from imagery and outputs the appropriate sign code and associated attributes based on a predefined library, with increased automation when coupled with laser scanner data. A sign library compiler provides the ability to add new and/or customized signs to an existing base library through a streamlined upload procedure.

Road Geometry Toolkit: Used for road surface profiling, this toolkit analyzes raw laser scanner data and georeferencing data to automatically determine transverse slope measurements at user-defined spacing (transverse) and intervals (longitudinal), profile ditch slopes and depths, accurately depict the road geometry with respect to horizontal and vertical alignments, as well as detect and create accurate polylines of breaklines such as edge of pavement, road centerlines, crown, and pavement markings.

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