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Company Overview

Company Overview

OPTRON (Pty) Ltd


OPTRON (Pty)Ltd is a subsidiary of the holding company OPTRON Group (Pty) Ltd.

OPTRON supplies advanced positioning solutions, which assist in maximizing the user’s productivity and over-all profitability by revolutionizing their work processes.

OPTRON supplies and supports products in most countries across sub-Saharan Africa, directly and indirectly with the assistance of a select network of re-sellers and agents. Our solutions integrate a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies, coupled with the latest application software and wireless communication technologies.

At OPTRON we offer a variety of world-class training options designed to meet your needs and schedule. A powerful, effective and interesting way to learn, blended learning combines traditional face-to-face instruction with on-line training, such as web-based tutorials, webinars / on demand webcasts and innovative learning tools, all delivered in a variety of different ways. Our training professionals are skilled at designing and delivering programs. Whether it’s customized training at one of our locations, electronic learning, or on-site training, you can rest assured that you will be learning from the industry’s best. Training is part of our commitment to providing you with a total quality solution.

As part of our commitment to your satisfaction with the products we supply, OPTRON provides ongoing hardware support such as maintenance, repair and calibration. Our certified service centre is equipped with the latest instrumentation and annual factory training of our service technicians ensure that you remain productive in the field.

Our dedicated support personnel offer remote telephone support to users in the field and the office, ensuring maximum up-time and efficient use of our solutions.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment

OPTRON (Pty) Ltd fully associates itself with the strategic importance of the effective transformation of Measured Entities, as regulated by the Codes of Good Practice for Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, BEE ACT 53 of 2003.

OPTRON thus strives to at all times pursue the objectives of economic transformation and representative control as structured by the Codes while at the same time uphold sound business principles in the interest of sustainable business and service delivery of quality to our customers.

Our demonstrated support of the Codes is inter alia reflected by the fact that we achieved full scores on Enterprise Development and Social Economic Development, as well as by our recruitment philosophy and selection process.

Our current BBBEE status is LEVEL 4

ISO 9001:2015 Compliance

OPTRON (Pty) Ltd has been audited by Bureau Veritas Certification Holding SAS-UK Branch and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 management system standards.

In order to uphold customer satisfaction as well as quality sales- and support services, OPTRON places a high priority on maintaining a recognised quality management system – regulating effective and efficient policies / processes, subject to continuous improvement.